This is a printer and case product used in kiosks.
Only assembly (processing) is provided separately.

Product and assembly inquiry.

Please contact us by email or phone for a product quote. When requesting a quote, please tell us the name of the customer, name of the person in charge, contact information, model name, and quantity.

Printer Products


MS-MD80I printing module adopts dot line thermal print head, which has the characteristics of high-speed printing, low noise, strong reliability, high printing quality, large paper cutting thickness and compact structure, making the installation and maintenance more convenient.


MS-FPT302 is an 80mm thermal transfer panel mount printer module. This printer has a variety of installation methods and versatility.


58mm thermal panel printer with “paper roll bucket opening & closing by button”


MS-TS101 is a thermal transfer and thermal printer, which consist of high quality thermal sheet and many sensors(black label detection sensor, gap detection sensor, ribbon near end sensor sensor, etc.) to make its printing clearer,positioning more accurate and easier to maintain.


MS-NP80A is With a high maximum print speed of 250 mm per second, it has the benefit of fitting in smaller cabinet spaces where it provides an Easy paper roll replacement and rear paper feed with auto load and cut feature.


Reliable printer mechanism
Portable type
Easy paper loading
Wireless blutooth connection
Diagram/logo printing
High capacity battery
UItra big paper roll bucket
Frame case making

Metal Frame Brackets produce

We can provide customized processing services
of cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate, galvanized plate,
copper plate, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials.
Main Advantages
1.The saw-cut length error is small
2.With the excelsior detail processing, there are no burr and flashing of the processing site.
3.There are no chromatic difference, no bubble and free from pinhole porosity of the external surface treatment.
  • Case processing site video

    We provide processing of kiosk enclosures and many other cases at low cost.

OEM assembly

KIOSK OEM assembly

LCD Cementation OEM Assembly

Mirror & Android Kiosk OEM

KIOSK, DID system OEM production

Along with the development of unmanned systems, the demand for kiosks and DID products is increasing.
Products are being developed in a variety of ways, and many companies are adopting them. We specialize in
OEM production (processing) among numerous H/W and S/W of Kiosk and DID products.

1Order receipt and material receipt

Receipt of order form / warehousing of third party parts / preparation of assembly procedure / preparation for assembly


Proceed with fixing screws and fixing cables at each part location

Product performance test / test report preparation / packaging / delivery