Industrial Touch Monitor

Open frame, touch monitor

Industrial LCD, using touch
Convenient to use at the kiosk.

multi vision monitor

Multi-vision implementation possible
Provided according to user conditions

Industrial Advertising Monitor

USB type video, image playback
Small inch to large inch available

Outdoor touch monitor

Use of high-brightness LCD
water drop control function

EV charger touch monitor

Waterproof and dustproof product
automatic temperature control

Mirror & Touch Monitor

High-brightness LCD application
Switch from mirror to monitor screen

production order

Providing quotation -> receiving order -> production,
processing -> quality inspection -> packaging -> delivery
Open Frame & Touch Monitor
We directly produce open frames and touch monitors of various inches and provide optimal conditions to our customers.

The types of monitors used in each field are shown.

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Touch Monitor
multi vision
video monitor
outdoor monitor
EV Charger Monitor
Mirror & Touchmonitor

Openframe & Monitor List

Touchscreen Option