Multi Touchsceen IR, Pcap touch

10.1inch ~ 65inch Pcap Touch size or 15inch ~ 75inch IR Touch size

Multi touch screen

10 Point multi touchscreen
single touch possible.

Implementation of various sizes

Customization possible

Smooth and precise touch

Smooth and Accurate Touch
good sensitivity

Outdoor touch screen

Touch that can be used even in rain
Water drop function

Mirror & Touch Screen

Apply to mirror
Mirror & Touch Laminate

non-contact touch screen

Non-contact touch implementation
hover touch screen

Touchscreen image

Pcap Glass Type, IR bezel, Hover Touch Glass Sample

Touch List

Pcap, IR, Hover Touch inch

Pcap Touch


When a voltage is applied to the four corners
of the screen by coating a transparent special
conductive metal on both sides of the glass,
the high frequency is spread on the surface
of the touch screen.
Capacitive Touch Screen Features
It is a widely used method in the current touch panel
industry, and it is easy for industrial kiosks and DID systems
that have to consider product design.
It is known as an excellent product in terms of accuracy
and stability, and its advantage is that it has excellent transmittance.

IR Touch


The infrared light method utilizes the property
that infrared rays have a straight line
and cannot proceed because they are blocked
if there is an obstacle. The pressurized part blocks infrared rays
from the horizontal and vertical directions,
and the X and Y coordinates of the blocked
part are read and detected.

Infrared touch screen features
Since the infrared method does not use an overlay,
the light transmittance is high

The monitor is highly resistant to external shocks and scratches.

Tempered glass option for overall softened glass

hover Touch method

It is a product that can be touched even if your hand does not directly touch the touch screen surface.
It can protect the human body from various viruses on the surface.
Non-contact touch screen features

  • It uses a capacitive method, and you can click without touching it.
  • Transparent tempered glass is applied, and it is convenient to remove foreign substances.
  • Users need little training.
  • ex) It guides the touch even if it does not touch the surface.