STERILIZER Kiosk Touch monitor

It is a product that sterilizes 99.9% of germs and viruses within 3 minutes of the screen part that is attached to the unmanned kiosk used by the general public.
small inch sterilizer
Models used for 15inch to 19inch touchmonitor products
Medium inch sterilizer
This product is applied to the 21.5 inch~32 inch kiosk touch monitor, and it belongs to the medium size.
new sterilizer
It is a new product that detects motion and distance at the same time and is provided as a custom-made product.

Sterilizer inquiry.

The sterilizer can be supplied in 15 inch ~ 32 inch size. Other large inches have difficulties with sterilization distance. Please contact us by e-mail or phone for an estimate of the sterilizer. When requesting a quote, please provide the name of the customer, name of the person in charge, contact information, LCD model name, and quantity.

Sterilizer Product Type

Sterilize the kiosk, which is widely used by the general public, to safely protect the kiosk screen from various viruses.
Sterilizer Features
Touch monitor sterilizer with domestic KC certification
and international CB certification. UV-C 275nm,
UV-A LED Lamp Sterilization Method
Sterilization method
Sterilization begins in UV-C, UV-A lamps when no one is present. When a person approaches, the proximity sensor activates to stop sterilization and turns off the lights

Detailed specification of sterilizer

UV sterilizer
model name
product name
UV sterilizer
Sterilization method
UV-C (3ea), UVA LED (6ea) sterilization
case material
outside size
420(W)*50(D)*22(H) mm on a 19inch monitor
operation method
Front proximity sensor, time setting, always ON
Lamp life time
over 40,000 hours
Domestic certification KC R-R-si6-SSIT-19MS
Domestic Certification KC MSIP-REM-Zce-DCP007B122000K
International Certification CB Certification No. IEC KR-KETI4273

Certificates and test reports

Completion of international certification (CB) photobiological test.
Reduced sterilization time of 90mA LED
(applied LED driver IC)
test reports
99.9% sterilization of bacteria